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“Halo by the Oak Tree”

…is the Amazon exclusive debut novel by Adam McNelis.

Synopsis: Having raised the stakes and bet his friends, finances, and future on achieving rock super stardom straight out of high school, Joe now finds himself 18 months on, working in an insurance call centre job that he hates, with no pals, girls, disposable income, or prospects in sight. As he struggles to make sense of it all, Joe knows that he must take the first steps in rebuilding his life, and in doing so, he strikes up an unlikely friendship with a World War II veteran, Walter. But as Joe learns more about Walter's life and the struggles that he faced, will it inspire him to take control of his own life, or when he compares his struggles to Walter's, will it only add weight to Joe's deepest fears that he is destined to remain a silly deluded child?

"Halo by the Oak Tree" is the story of a misguided dreamer's search for meaning and belonging in the modern world.


A Short Story Collection”



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